Vanuabalavu Jetty Reopens Before Christmas

Fiji Roads Authority confirms that the Lomaloma Jetty in Vanuabalavu is now open for public use. Ian Hunter, Fiji Roads Authority Capital Projects Manager confirmed that local contractor Pacific Marine and Civil Solutions have just completed the work on the jetty that now has new steel piles, beams and a steel plate decking. The work took about 1 week to complete.

A team from FRA including Structural Engineers from MWH Global visited Lomaloma today to carry out final inspections and determine whether or not the structure was ready to start accommodating boats. The team also briefed local law enforcement and two village headmen from Lomaloma and Sawana on the importance of observing proper use of the jetty by both the local community and the boats that berth there.

Speaking to Fiji Roads Authority, Police Officer, Waisea Sivoinama said the people of Vanuabalavu were happy and praised the crews that worked day and night to get the jetty ready in time for Christmas. “We are happy with how quickly the work was completed, I have also been briefed by FRA Staff on the importance of following the safety instructions in place for the use of this jetty. Overall we are just happy that the jetty is now open and we eagerly await the arrival of the MV Leona that is berthing here tomorrow” he says.

“We are always challenged by the impact that some closures and restrictions have on the local community particularly where bridges and jetties are concerned, however we are happy to confirm that at least for the people of Vanuabalavu the repairs are in time for Christmas” says Mr Hunter.


December 18, 2014