Fiji Roads Authority confirms that a bypass road has been constructed and is in use at Nayalayala in Taveuni to keep traffic moving as the Nayalayala Bridge is closed to motorists and pedestrians. This set up has been in place since April 24 2017.

FRA Chief Executive Officer, John Hutchinson says that the bridge is located on South Coastal Road and that work began in April to construct the temporary bypass using double cell 900mm diameter culverts.

Mr Hutchinson says that the Nayalayala Bridge will remain closed whilst FRA reviews the repair options.  He adds that repairs will need to be carried out on the central pier of the bridge and that the supporting beams also needed replacement.

“In the interim, there is access for the public to continue through on South Coastal Road and this temporary access will be maintained by FRA’s maintenance contractor Fulton Hogan Hiways who maintain the Taveuni road network and are based on the island.”

Mr Hutchinson says that there are no indicative timelines available at this stage to advise on when the bridge will re-open.

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May 8, 2017

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