TD04F Situation Report No. 37 as at 0800 Hours – Wednesday 4 January 2017

TD04F Situation Report No. 37 as at 0800 Hours – Wednesday 4 January 2017

Thirteen roads still remain closed and impassable at this stage.

  Division Road Name Location Description Date to be resolved
1 Central Nasiriti Rd RP 6322 Culvert undermined Unknown
2 Central Nabukavesi Rd RP 3200 Road drop out. Geotech input required. Subject to geotechnical assessments.

Alternative routes available.

3 Central Laselevu Rd RP 1046 Unknown
4 Central Sawanikula Bukunivatu Rd RP 2013 Unknown
5 Central Nuku Village Rd RP 300 Unknown
6 Northern Rabi Coastal Rd RP 300 and RP 700 Two major slips Mid-January 2017
7 Western Nubumakita Rd various Landslip 05/01/17
8 Western Katudrau Rd Katudrau Crossing Flooding Waiting for water to recede
9 Western Nauria Rd Nauria Crossing Approach washed out 07/01/17
10 Western Nailuva Rd Burelevu Crossing Work will commence as water recedes on Burelevu Crossing,Moblise plant to clear Landslip & Backfill approach 06/01/17
11 Western Vaivai Rd Badrama Crossing Approach washed out 04/01/17
12 Western Vakabuli Indian School Road Crossing 1 Approach washed out 04/01/17
13 Eastern Gau Circular Rd Navukailagi to Qarani Land slip 04/01/17

Full Report: td04f-situation-report-no-37as-at-0800-hours-wednesday-4-january-2017

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January 4, 2017

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