TD04F Situation Report No. 36 as at 0800 Hours – Tuesday 03 January 2017

TD04F Situation Report No. 36 as at 0800 Hours – Tuesday 03 January 2017

There has been no change to SITREP No.34. The FRA Contractors are working in the interior of Naitasiri today in the attempt to open all roads that are still inaccessible to vehicles.

Below is the latest update of roads closed:

  Division Road Name Location Description Date to be resolved
1 Central Nasiriti Rd RP 6322 Culvert undermined Unknown
2 Central Wailoa Rd RP 38000 Multiple slips Unknown
3 Central Nabukavesi Rd RP 3200 Road drop out. Geotech input required. Subject to geotechnical assessments.

Alternative routes available.

4 Central Nadovou Nasali Rd various Unknown
5 Central Laselevu Rd RP 1046 Unknown
6 Central Nakorosule Rd RP 10900 Unknown
7 Central Sawanikula Bukunivatu Rd RP 2013 Unknown
8 Central Nuku Village Rd RP 300 Unknown
9 Northern Rabi Coastal Rd RP 300 and RP 700 Two major slips Mid-January 2017
10 Western Lawaki Nasau Rd Nawairuku Crossing Slips and washed out approaches 05/01/17
11 Western Nubumakita Rd various Landslip 05/01/17
12 Eastern Gau Circular Rd Navukailagi to Qarani Land slip 04/01/17


Full Report:  td04f-situation-report-no-36-as-at-0800-hours-tuesday-3-january-2017

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January 4, 2017

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