TD04F Situation Report No. 32 as at 0800 Hours – Friday 30 December 2016

  • Kasavu Landslide, located north of the Kasavu/ Baulevu Road Junction on Kings Road is open to light vehicles only and operating as a single lane with potential for full closure if there are further slips.
  • The alternative route has now been connected however gravelling and remedial works on the new section is still in progress. The FRA is also looking into ensuring that the roads in the vicinity leading to the detour are well maintained and capable to withstand potential higher volumes and loading of traffic exchange.
  • The opening of the alternative route will be subject to the results of the geotech investigation which should be completed by Saturday (31/12/16).

Full Report: td04f-situation-report-no-32-as-at-0800-hours-friday-30-december-2016

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December 29, 2016

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