Re:     TD04F Situation Report No. 9 as at 1200 Hours – Saturday 17 December 2016

This situation report is to advise of the status of FRA’s assets due to the effects of TD04F.


  • Queens and Kings Road remain open for now.


  • Feeder Road to Sasawira Settlement in Nakasi.  FRA aims to open access today, possibly with temporary culverts. This is subjected to weather conditions permitting.
  • Queens’s road at Veisari is experiencing further slips.  A loader is on site to clear the mud. Provided there is no further slip the lane should be open in a few hours.


  • The Central and Western Division have reported surface flooding on some urban and rural roads however the main arterial roads.


  • Members of the public are advised to be cautious when accessing side roads and low lying areas prone to flooding.


  • Increased number of potholes on the road network and the contractors will be carrying out remedial work as soon as the weather clears up. Motorists are advised to drive with extreme caution during this time.


  • Northern Division – Sections of Buca Bay Road, North Coastal Road in Taveuni is closed to all traffic.


  • Eastern Division –Koro Circular Road in Koro Island is still closed with alternative access still available from both sides.  Contractors clearing today.


We are urging members of the public to take heed of the advisories from relevant authorities and do not attempt to cross flooded roads or low level crossings.


  1. Situation Report 9 issued at 12pm – Saturday 17 December
  2. td04f-sit-rep-8-as-at-0800hrs-saturday-17-december-2016
  3. td04f-sit-rep-7-as-at-1600hrs-friday-16-december-2016
  4. td04f-sit-rep-6-as-at-1200hrs-friday-16-december-2016
  5. td04f-sit-rep-4-as-at-1600hrs-thursday-15-december-2016
  6. td04f-sit-rep-3-as-at-1200-thursday-15-december-2016


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December 15, 2016

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