Talele Bridge closed to motorists for another 24 hours

Fiji Roads Authority is advising motorists on Baulevu Road that the Talele Bridge will remain closed for maintenance today and tomorrow.

Talele Bridge

FRA Chief Executive Officer John Hutchinson says that the contractor started work onsite last night (Wednesday 10). Unfortunately they were not able to complete the work because they encountered further damages that has delayed the re-opening.


“The initial problem was an opening on the Talele bridge abutment where the soil was slipping away. This slippage has increased as works were underway.”


“Pedestrian access is allowed access across the bridge however vehicles cannot pass through at the moment as a portion of the road at the bridge site has slipped further leaving a massive gap and claiming about half the width of the road.”


“The contractor has to reclaim and rebuild about 3 meters of road material to reinstate the road”


“As a consequence we are having to build the road back up to the bridge deck level before we can re-open the road to motorists on Friday afternoon.”


Mr Hutchinson says that the inconvenience to the community in the area is regretted and asked that members of the public contact Fiji Roads Authority of 5720 for more information.


January 12, 2017