Situation Report No. 7 as at 1300 Hours – Thursday 18th October 2018

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This situation report is to advise of the status of FRA’s assets after the heavy rain event:

  • All roads in the Northern Division are now open except Sigawe Crossing on Namuavoivoi Road in Natua- this is CLOSED to all traffic.
  • Road cavity near Nasau and Naqaidamu,with flooding on Sinuvaca culvert crossing in Koro Island. Please take extra.
  • Motorists are advised not to drive into water of unknown depth and current, as this can be life threatening. Members of the public are advised to take extra caution, avoid places of known historical flooding or low-lying areas
  • The FRA is closely monitoring the situation of the roads in all divisions. Shall you have any further queries please call our toll free number 5720 or send an email to


New Road Closure Update for Central Division:

  • Sawani Sera Road – Waidracia Crossing flooded – Closed to all traffic.
  • Nataveya Road – Gusuitavaki Crossing Flooded – Closed to all traffic.
  • Lutu/Vuisiga Road – Wainavida Crossing Flooded – Closed to all traffic.
  • Sawani Serea Road – Before Nasavu Village Road – Half Road closed.
  • Savu Road – Flooded – Is now Closed to all traffic.


Roads that are now open to traffic in Central Division:

  • Beqa Road – Tubarua Crossing – Water has receded.
  • Vunaniu Road – Vunaiu Crossing – Water has receded.
  • Sote Road – Sote Bridge – Water has receded.
  • Nukurua Road – Nabuni Culvert – Water has receded.
  • Deepwater Road – Water has receded.



October 18, 2018