Samabula No Right Turn Trial

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) wishes to advise the general public of a trial to the operation of the road network in Samabula as a result of safety and congestion concerns in the area. The trial will take place between the 9th to the 18th of December, 2015.

Issues on safety and congestion between Lakeba Street and Rewa Street along Ratu Mara intersections have been identified by the Fiji Roads Authority. Traffic Management Improvements to Munia Street / Ratu Mara Road and Matuku Street / Ratu Mara Road have been proposed to help alleviate these concerns. These improvements will be trialled to determine the effect they have on the overall road network and to determine whether or not they will be made permanent. The changes are as follows:-

– Munia Street restricted to left in and left out onto Ratu Mara Road
A temporary island will be installed on Ratu Mara Road on the section of road fronting Munia Street. Drivers will not be able to turn right into and out of Munia Street.

– Matuku Street restricted to left out only onto Ratu Mara Road
Kerbs to be installed along Ratu Mara Road. Drivers will not be able to turn right out of Matuku Street.
Note: Right turns into Matuku Street from Ratu Mara Road will still be permitted.

Lakeba Street to the east of Matuku Street and Munia Street can be used as an alternative for drivers to turn right onto Ratu Mara Road.

To allow uninterrupted traffic flow along Moala Street parking on the southern side of Moala Street between Matuku St and Lakeba Street will not be permitted for the duration of the trial.

The proposed changes to the road network are to enable a safe and efficient flow of traffic through Samabula for vehicles and pedestrians.

The plan shows the operation of the road network in Samabula that will be trialled. We advise the public to note the changes to Munia Street and Matuku Street as indicated on the plan.


December 8, 2015