Rural Roads

2016-17 Rural Roads Programme

Fiji Roads Authority and the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management collaborate on delivering the Rural Roads Programme.

The programme that connects and restores access between communities and essential services like Health and Education has greatly benefited hundreds of communities.

The Rural Roads Programme looks at building and improving roads, bridges, crossings and even jetties.

$50 million dollars is the budgeted spend on rural roads; seeing a total of 150 projects delivered across all 4 Divisions over the next 4 years. (2016 – 2019)

Rural Roads

  1. Rural Roads Agreement Western Division
  2. Agreement Rural Roads Project Northern Division
  3. Rural Roads Agreement Central Division
  4. Rural Roads Agreement Eastern Division

FRA works with partners to deal with a very large number of project requests.

FRA receives a very large number of requests from communities and individuals for roads, bridge and jetty projects. We take these seriously and try to respond as quickly as possible.

If at all possible, we accommodate requests into our short term work plan. Unfortunately not all requests can be met. Some of these requests are for non-public roads, others can’t be fitted into the budget and work plan.

The formal way to get projects into FRA’s programme is through the Divisional Commissioners. The Commissioners’ offices receive requests, assesses them, and then tell us which ones are the highest priority. We include these in our forward works planning.