Two new roundabouts  are in place at the  Waimanu and Brown Street intersection and the Brown and Amy Street intersection with the aim of improving traffic mobility through the area.

Fulton Hogan Hiways(FHH) carried out this out work through the  Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Accelerated Sealed Repair Program under the Central Division Road Maintenance Contract.

Aram Goes, FRA GM Network Operations and Maintenance says that the first goal of this program is to reduce maintenance cost  as it was costing a lot of money to regularly carryout maintenance and pothole patching on Waimanu Road.

The second goal is to improve congestion through ease of traffic flow by better marking, better delineation of traffic lanes and the third goal is to improve safety through the previously notorious dangerous corner of the Waimanu and Brown Street intersection.

Mr Goes says that using the roundabouts will  aim to reduce congestion through the fact that two cars can turn up to the intersection side by side with a free left turn and the people going straight ahead continue round the roundabout.

“This means that the congestion will be reduced because in the same space of one vehicle there are now two vehicles that are well delineated and well defined with each having their own decisions in the same space of time.”

“Drivers when they approach these roundabouts  are reminded to plan their decision making early in terms of which lane they plan to be in for their journey and are reminded to stop at the halt lines and not cross the intersection until there is room on the other side.”

Mr Goes says that good driver behaviour is crucial in the success of this set up and he is reminding drivers to stop at the limit lines; keep the intersection area clear and to choose early in their decision  which lane to take in their respective right turn or left turn through the roundabouts.  In addition, he says that  the pedestrian crossing will be placed  further up the road.

“The FRA wishes to thank the public and business alike that have been affected by the work delays and the temporary pavement marking. We are appreciative of the patience show by everyone and we thank those that have co-operated with us and we look forward to working with our stakeholders in terms of setting up new pavement layouts in the efforts to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion in the cities.”


May 31, 2017