Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) will be commencing sealing works from 11am to 2pm from tomorrow- Saturday (02.11.19) and 6am – 11am Sunday (03.10.19) on the following locations;

  • Valebasoga Road – sealing works will begin tomorrow Saturday (02.11.19) from 11am – 2pm. As a consequence, the road will be temporarily reduced to a single lane. Full traffic management will be present on site to guide motorists safely through the site.
  • Labasa Mainstreet Nabouwalu Road – Sealing works will commence on Sunday morning (03/11/19) from 6am – 11am. (Section from Lunchbox to Courts).

Traffic inflow into Labasa town from the Natua end (orange directional arrow) will be diverted into James Madhavan to exit back onto Wainikoro Road through Park St, Rosawa Street and Dakua Street while we seal RHS carriageway. Traffic inflow into Labasa town from Wainikoro Road (blue directional arrow) will continue through Mainstreet Nabouwalu Road.

When we switch lanes to seal the left hand side carriageway, we will allow traffic inflow from Natua end through the Mainstreet and divert inflow from Wainikoro end into Damanu Street onto James Madhavan to exit back onto Nabouwalu Road.

Minor traffic delays are expected and members of the public are requested to strictly adhere to the traffic management signage in place to ensure the safety of other motorists and workmen alike.

Travelers along this area are advised to take this notice into account when finalising travel plans. We apologise for any inconvenience. For further queries please call the FRA on 5720.


November 1, 2019