23 April 2017

Road works will commence on Sunday night (23 April) to improve the road surface on Waimanu Road. This is ahead of the major Suva Arterial Road Upgrading Project 2 (SARUP 2) that will take place next year.
Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer John Hutchinson says that the work taking place now will involve removing the badly deteriorated seal and applying a fresh coat of asphalt.
Mr Hutchinson says that this will also involve an element of getting some much needed road shape in order to positively manage the road surface drainage on Waimanu Road.
“On this mini project, the FRA is also working with the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to install 3 new road (dead) laterals at a suitable depth in preparation for the WAF future work in Waimanu Road.”
“Our contractors will be working night shifts and the work will involve removing the top sealed layer of the heavily deteriorated sections on Waimanu Road and replacing it with a fresh layer of asphalt.”
Mr Hutchinson says that during this period, the general public is advised to observe all temporary traffic controls and strictly abide by the safety measures that will be in place. However he also reiterates that the work will take place at night however motorists are reminded to slow down through the area at all times day and night.
“Weather permitting and if the program proceeds as planned this work should be completed by the end of May.”
“This work is carried out under the “Accelerated Structures Repair (ASR) Program and will mitigate the current road conditions experienced on Waimanu Road and this will be further improved when the SARUP 2 project comes to the City in 2018.”
Mr Hutchinson says that the Accelerated Structural Repair (ASR) program is about FRA managing its compromised Arterial Network in 2017 and implementing a (albeit temporary) remedial strategy to improve the level of service of identified roads or sections of roads. These roads are mostly on a higher Hierarchy – Arterial and Urban Collectors with very high vehicle (and heavy vehicles). These sections of roads have badly failed pavements and requires full rehabilitations as a method of treatment.
He adds that current and completed projects under this program include:
• Kings Rd @ Wainibuku Bridge (part of SARUP 2 package) – approaches to Wainibuku Bridge including the Wainibuku Bridge deck. This work is completed.
• Princes Rd (Section 1 which is part of SARUP 2 package)– from Waila to Duilomaloma Bridge (sections). This work is in progress
There are 8 roads in total that will receive this treatment including sections of Waimanu Road and the two roads mentioned above.
As a result drivers can expect a better level of service when driving on Waimanu Road


April 23, 2017