22 December 2017

The OTTA surfacing trial project by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) from Wainiyatu-Naitonitoni in Navua is completed and well received by the public.

FRA General Manager Maintenance and Network Operations Aram Goes says the OTTA surfacing is a cost effective treatment for alternative surfacing of low volume unsealed roads requiring very little surface preparation, saving significant time and money.

“Conventional sealing of unsealed roads requires significant a lot of effort to prepare the pavement to a standard suitable to receive a chip seal surface.  Even in locations where the existing unsealed road has adequate bearing capacity, significant work is still required, to bring up the gravel pavement to a ‘mosaic’ surface, before it can be sealed over.”

He said this low cost alternative surfacing treatment works well to eliminate grading requirements and mitigate dust nuisance.  Mr Goes said it is important to note that the surface finish at time of construction still looks like a gravel road and it takes several weeks or even months for the bitumen below to slowly rise and bind the top gravel layer, depending on the traffic volumes.

“This finished road surface behaves like a seal but does not look like a seal.”

He said there is a high demand for treating dust nuisance of unsealed roads, particularly around schools, villages and small settlements in remote rural communities.  If this trial is successful further application of this OTTA surfacing will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  This trial site has been chosen for its high traffic loads to see how it will perform under stress.  Other trial sites likely to target lower traffic volume areas.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Hon Vijay Nath met with the FRA, school and community stakeholders to discuss the dust issue and other traffic safety concerns.

“One of the major concerns that we have is driver behaviour. We have placed the speed humps because some motorists speed in the area which compromises safety especially for school children,” Mr Nath said.

He said motorists must be responsible and adhere to the speed limits placed.

Mr Nath also added that the OTTA trial surfacing project will help mitigate dust at significant cost savings compared to conventional road sealing with chip.

Mr Nath has commended the FRA and its contractor Fulton Hogan Hiways for a job well done.



December 22, 2017