Queens road to be safer, easier to navigate

Residents and visitors might notice something different on the stretch of Queens Road between Nadi and the Coral Coast over the next couple of months: guard rails are being built and upgraded, and new signs are being installed.

The installation is programmed to be finished just in time for the influx of visitors expected for the country’s first international golf tour event, the inaugural Fijian PGA. The event is part of the Australian PGA, running from August 14 to 17 at the Natadola Bay golf course on the Coral Coast.

“The state of the guard rails on this busy road, and in some critical areas the absence of them, has been of concern for some time for locals and visitors alike,” says Ian Hunter, FRA Capital Works Manager “Add to that the influx of people unfamiliar with the road who will come to town for the tournament, and it makes sense to fix things sooner, rather than later” he said.

The Fiji International is expected to be one of the country’s largest and most prestigious sporting events. It is hoped it will attract many visitors annually. The broadcast reach will be in the order of 400 million people, in 40 countries.

Mr Hunter said that for many who attend, this will be their first experience of Fiji, and we want to make it a great one. Part of that is about making it safe and easy for visitors to get around. We will be installing new signage to help them negotiate intersections, avoid getting lost, and find out about key destinations they might otherwise miss.

As Tourism is Fiji’s largest foreign exchange earner, and visitors often travel reasonable distances in search of the perfect surfing, snorkeling, diving or golfing experience, it is one of the Fiji Roads Authority’s priority areas. Addressing important safety issues, will ultimately give visiting drivers the sort of world-class experience on the roads that they enjoy throughout the rest of this beautiful country, and an incentive to explore more of Fiji.

Mr Hunter said the installation of guardrails and signs at the Nadi end of Queens Road is complete and the focus will move to the next section of the Queens Rd, and other major routes.

“It make sense to do this portion now, given that the Fiji International is so close, but we will be gradually improving signs from now on along the Kings, Traninsular and Princess Roads, as well as the remainder of the Queens Road” he said.


July 9, 2014