Public Advisory – Immediate Closure of Vunidilo Bridge – Wailoku

The Fiji Roads Authority confirms the urgent closure of Vunidilo Bridge in Wailoku outside Suva this morning. The closure was made after inspections identified serious corrosion to the steel beams supporting the bridge and a very recent failure of one of the beams at the bridge abutment.

FRA currently has engineers on site to assess if temporary propping is viable that will allow light vehicles to be able to cross. If this is possible then the bridge may be able to be open to restricted traffic by the end of this week.

The closure is regrettable but the seriousness of the issue requires that we close the Vunidilo Bridge immediately. The implication of this is that there may be buses taxi’s etc in the area that are unable to return as the bridge is the only access through.

The Authority will release updates as information comes to hand.


January 7, 2014