Our Pledge to All Fijians

Our Pledge to All Fijians

Our aim is to effectively and efficiently do whatever we can with the resources we have available, to help the Fijian Government achieve cost effective transport services that are safe and environmentally sustainable, to enhance access to services and markets.

The task of maintaining a road network is never ‘finished’ – because of course ongoing maintenance is needed to sustain the network. The Government expects, and we intend to deliver, a continuation of the significant road improvements that we started in 2013.

At the end of each financial year we will publicly report, fully and truthfully, what we have been able to achieve. If for some reason we haven’t done everything we say here we are intending to do, we will explain quite openly, ‘why’.

The key outputs we are seeking to achieve are:

(a) An updated prioritised plan for improving the network for the next 10 years;
(b) A safe roads’, bridges’ and jetties’ network;
(c) A well signposted network;
(d) An increasingly better maintained network;
(e) A greater proportion of road and bridges’ renewals work (reseals etc.) carried out when it is due – and not deferred;
(f) Programmed projects completed to their intended scope and standard, within their intended scheduled time, for not more than their budgeted cost; (and)
(g) Good relationships with the FRA’s stakeholders – people understand what is being planned and done – and why. Complaints and requests for service are promptly responded to and, where possible, effectively and efficiently actioned.

Capacity and capability developed locally so Fijian’s are employed at all levels of the roading network.