Our Mission

Our Mission, Goals And Performance Target


A better land transport network for Fiji.


An affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable network of roads, bridges and jetties.


  • To effectively, efficiently and sustainably provide an environmentally friendly land transport network to which people are able to gain easy access and travel on safely, efficiently and comfortably to their destinations.
  • To halt the deterioration trend and reduce the value of deferred maintenance and deferred renewals.
  • To develop capacity and capability at all levels of the Roading industry such that Fijians are ultimately able to be appointed to any role within the FRA, Principal Engineering Services Provider or Maintenance Contractor organisations.

How The Fra’s Mission, Vision, Goals And Performance Targets Contribute To Fiji’s Overall Development

The Fiji Government’s Key Pillars to which this Mission and Vision and these Goals and Targets contribute are:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013 – Reasonable Access to Transportation.
  • Developing a Common National Identity and Building Social Cohesion.
  • Enhancing Public Sector Efficiency, Performance Effectiveness and Service Delivery.
  • Achieving Higher Economic Growth While Ensuring Sustainability.
  • Developing an Integrated Development Structure at the Divisional Level.
  • Reducing Poverty to a Negligible Level by 2015