Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) would like to advise members of the public that the old Rewa Bridge, Nausori will be closed from Friday June 30 for safety reasons.

FRA Acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Sen says the deterioration has reached a stage which now represents a risk to the public and may partially collapse without warning.

“For public safety the old Rewa Bridge will be barricaded and closed indefinitely on Friday- June 30th. Alternatively, we are advising the public to please use the pedestrian walkway on the new Rewa Bridge,” Mr Sen said.

“We are currently preparing to prevent all pedestrian access over the old Rewa Bridge as well as access under the bridge at the Nausori abutment and the festival grounds.”

“The FRA will soon install a pedestrian fence on the new Rewa Bridge that will provide a secondary barrier between pedestrians and vehicles.”

Mr Sen said that the FRA team have consulted the heads of schools in Nausori this week to create awareness amongst the school children who will be using the new bridge and is counting on the support of parents and school teachers to supervise the large number of school children who will use the new bridge.

He said since there would be an increase in foot traffic on the new Rewa Bridge, they were strongly advising motorists to please slow down and adhere to the signs posted.

“Please be mindful of our young road users. There will be children as young as four – five years old who attend pre-school in the area.  Likewise, members of the community will also be using this bridge.”

The Fiji Roads Authority is considering options to demolish the old Rewa Bridge.

The old Rewa Bridge was officially opened on June 12, 1937.


June 23, 2017