28 August 2019

Facing problems to reach basic services, the villagers of Burelevu, in seeking alternatives, had to arrange for a bilibili – a Fijian bamboo raft to get across during heavy rain.

This step had been the solution as the old crossing used to get flooded easily.

Burelevu Crossing is located approximately 20km South West of Rakiraki Town in the Province of Ra.

Tikina Representative Peni Naqaco, 62, says a single crossing has changed the lives of thousands of villagers.

“Given the challenging old infrastructure, the crossing was impassable during heavy rain and we had to wait for several weeks for the flood water to recede.”

During emergencies, Mr Naqaco said they had to carry the sick and elderly in a bilibili to get across which was a risk especially for women and children.

“With the new crossing, we are now able to transport goods and services at ease, especially since there are a lot of farmers, the children are also motivated to attend school, we are very grateful.”

FRA Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore says they have prioritized the development of old infrastructures which needed immediate replacement and they were determined to make a difference in the lives of all Fijians.

“Over the past 12 months the Authority has replaced five previously flood prone low-level crossings with a new and more durable crossing that has already proven that it is less prone to flooding,” Mr Moore said.

The project was completed by Lomanitoba Company Limited.



August 27, 2019

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