Nasau bridge, Nadi to reopen within two weeks

The Nasau bridge in Nadi currently under temporary closure is expected to reopen in two weeks. The closure was prompted by a burst water main that scoured the supporting embankment on one end of the bridge.
“The repair work required is likely to include extending the existing bridge beams onto a new concrete pad by around 4 meters from the current existing end of the bridge. This would firmly support the bridge structure and allow us to reopen the bridge with the least minimum downtime but would still require construction of the pads, curing of the concrete and lengthening the bridge beams says Mr Dale Nicholls, FRA Maintenance Works Manager.

“The risk on the ground is that we have lost the support of the bridge embankment that is needed to support the road. There is now a 6m steep drop with little to no support to the road and is the reason for the bridge closure” says Mr Nicholls. We have been able to make provision for the use by the cane railway as and when required.

“What is best for all concerned parties right now is for the FRA team of contractors and bridge engineers to carry out the design and repair work so that we can re-open this bridge for public use and for that we ask the publics’ understanding.” Says Mr Nicholls.


August 21, 2015