Media Statement: Fiji Roads Authority and MWH legal matters


Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) stands to correct recent articles incorrectly reported by the Media.

It is important to understand that the two organisations, FRA and MWH are engaged in two separate matters pertaining to:

  1. The transfer of all FRA documents from MWH to FRA
  2. The contractual dispute over payment of unsubstantiated MWH invoices

The matter mentioned in Court yesterday related specifically and only to MWH’s failure to meet their own undertakings to the court in relation to the return of FRA documents.  FRA is considering its position.

This was the matter under mention with Justice Lyone Senevirante.

The contract dispute including questions about mediation is a separate legal matter. If as the report suggests, this matter was raised in court by Ms Low yesterday, then FRA considers this to have been inappropriate. FRA is investigating the advice given to the Court yesterday and may take further action if improper conduct is identified.

As previously stated, the deportation of MWH employees had nothing to do with the contractual dispute.






December 7, 2016