3 October 2017

The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Board has much pleasure in announcing the appointment of Mr. Jonathan Charles Moore as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Authority.

Mr Moore is a British national and is a professional ‘hands on’ Engineer. He is also an incorporated member of the Charted Institute of Building.

He holds a Master of Science in Construction Management from the University of Bath, in England and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Coventry Polytechnic, in England.

Mr Moore has more than 35 years of proven ability in construction, supervision and planning, commissioning and handover of completed works, design constructability coordination, experience with different forms of contracts, claims resolution, development and maintenance of quality management systems.

He is also highly skilled in value management and value engineering, incorporation of facilities management into infrastructure design and delivery, efficient asset management for completed works, leadership, financial management, reporting to executives and the board, strategic and business development. Furthermore, he also has broad experience in both public and private sectors.

Mr Moore began his career in 1982 as an Undergraduate Engineer for HS Waters & Partners and quickly progressed in the ranks as a Design Engineer in 1984 followed by Assistant Resident Engineer in 1985 and Resident Engineer in 1986. In 1996 he was appointed as the Construction Manager after which he took up the role of Senior Projects Manager in 2002 and Operations Manager for Design and Delivery in 2003. Jonathan was appointed as the Deputy Director for Infrastructure Delivery in 2011 and as a Chief Resident Engineer (Head of Delivery) in 2012.

Prior to taking up the offer to join the FRA, Mr Moore served as the Director of Infrastructure Planning, Design and Delivery for the Government of Malaysia- TRX Project. He has also worked in various senior roles in other countries like Qatar, Abu Dhabi, India, Dubai and England.

The Chairman of FRA, Mr Dinesh Patel, said the board has note of Mr Moore’s track record, experience and capabilities and this has given them the confidence that they have found the right person to take this challenging role.

“As the CEO, Mr Moore will be responsible for working with the FRA Board of Directors and the team to lead the transformation of roads, bridges, jetties and street lighting and the continuous improvement of transportation infrastructure in Fiji,” Mr Patel said.

He said Mr Moore had an eye for detail and was a team player who believed in developing the local people and this was something that they valued very highly at the FRA.

“The FRA has come a long way, from the old DNR days and a manpower of 45, to close to 150 people working within the organisation at present and this number is estimated to increase to close to 200 as they wanted to bring the core functions within the organisation. Some of these functions were outsourced in previous years will now be achieved in-house.”

“We thank Mr Moore for taking on this challenge and the Board is confident that his strong hands-on ability will be a significant asset to the FRA.”

Mr Patel also thanked Mr Robert Sen for a commendable job as the Acting CEO over the past few months.



October 3, 2017