Improvement work starts on Babavoce hill

Work to improve the temporary by-pass on Babavoce hill will start tomorrow. Fulton Hogan Hiways have mobilized on site to start work on this programme aimed at improving the slope by making it less steep and better suited for all vehicles that travel through the Kings Road.

The work will involve alignment improvements and this means that the top of the bypass will be lowered by up to 3.5 metres which will cause it to move south a further 10 meters achieving a 14% slope in both directions.

The programme also includes some excavation work finished off with an unsealed aggregate surface road.The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) would like to inform travellers on the Kings Road the road will remain open while our contractors are working however, at times, we may need to close it off briefly which will be around 10 to15 minutes. This will allow our crews to undertake required work that cannot be undertaken while the traffic is using it. We need the public to understand that the closure is only for a short period and advise them to wait as they will be allowed through as soon as the crews are done.

The slip on the main road occurred in February and the priority was to reopen the road as soon as possible so that goods can get to market and people could get to school and work. FRA contractors and engineers worked long hours and within 48 hours the by-pass road opened.


August 8, 2014