FRA is a flagship of Government’s reform of the Public Service. It has been established as a stand-alone corporate entity to be governed by an appointed Board that is expected to implement best practice corporate governance.

In 2015 we were asked to take a step change in delivery with a budget increase of nearly 40% over 2014’s budget. Our 2016 budget is also ambitious, especially with the additional work for procurement under ADB finance.

As we go into this final year of the Transition from what used to be the DNR to FRA, we are planning to accelerate the ‘in-housing’ of functions from the Principal Professional Engineering Services provider. In order to make sure that FRA has the capacity to undertake these additional functions we have identified the need for 45 new technical and non-technical staff.

This will be a significant change in FRA and we look forward to welcoming new people into the organisation. Our recruitment strategy will seek to ensure that as many of these positions as possible will be filled with Fijians. However we must recognise that a number of the positions will need to be filled by people from outside Fiji. We are hoping that these opportunities may attract back some of the Fijian talent currently working in other countries.

Table 5 lists the values that we promote and expect all of our employees to respect and adhere to. Standing by these values will remain the continuing success factor for our delivery.

Personal Honesty and integrity – personal accountability
Productivity An organisation focussed on getting things done
Safety Public safety above all else
Environment Protection (and where possible enhancement) of the local environment
Planning Long term, inter-generational thinking – expedient short term decision making avoided
Customers Road users and others comments and complaints treated seriously and with respect
Expenditure Value for money in everything we do
Empowerment Continually and consistently seeking to empower Fijians to upskill
Innovation Constantly thinking about how to ‘do better’
Openness ‘Tell it as it really is’ – problems and mistakes confronted head on
Results Driven It’s only the results against our targets that matter – and that must be our focus at all levels and at all times