16 March 2017

Periods of heavy rain and flooding have contributed to the poor road conditions in Ba, Rakiraki and Tavua with some roads dilapidated becoming a major setback to the road users.

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) General Manager Network Operations and Maintenance Aram Goes says some roads have outlived their lifespan and they had identified 15 sites along Kings Road that needs urgent attention.

“We have our FRA engineers and contractors assessing sections of Kings Road between Ba and Rakiraki following the recent observation of widespread seal failures, with immediate repair works expected to start next week,” Mr Goes said.

“Some roads in Tavua and Rakiraki are now in poor to mediocre condition.  The design life is determined by a number of factors such as the type of materials used, environmental conditions, and traffic loadings.”

He said they would start immediate repair works on large failed areas between Tavua and Rakiraki from next week Monday.

“Works will include grading the seal edge and the shoulders to get the water off and at the same time make these sections safe to drive.”

Mr Goes said there was a need to rehabilitate these roads as they have been severely damaged by the tropical depressions where the recent heavy rain and floods have saturated and softened the soil beneath the road pavements, contaminating the gravel structure.

“These conditions, when combined with heavy traffic loadings, mean that some roads will need to go through an accelerated rehabilitation programme, involving resurfacing and in some instances the reconstruction of roads.”

He has advised motorists to keep a safe following distance, avoid speeding and drive with extra care.


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March 16, 2017