26 September 2017

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has commenced a number of road rehabilitation projects in the Central, Western and Northern Divisions.

Central Division


Western Division Northern Division
Gladstone Road Koula Road Gaj Raj Street
Kavika Road Martintar Road Nabouwalu Road
Marou Road Royal Palm Road Nakama Road
Moli Road Sukanivalu Road Nakelikoso Road
Queen Elizabeth Drive Veisari Road Namoli Road
Vudi Road Vakabuli Road Natewa West Coast Road
Vuivui Road Vunisibitu Road Transinsular Road

FRA General Manager Network Operations and Maintenance Aram Goes says these road rehabilitation works have been planned to protect the roads before the upcoming wet season, giving more reliable public transport access and improving the overall quality of roads.

“Whilst the FRA is actively reconstructing the aged and deteriorated parts of the network, we must also continue to protect and reseal the roads that are still in reasonable condition otherwise, even these existing good roads will fall apart very quickly and need much more expensive reconstruction,” Mr Goes said.

He said maintaining waterproofing of existing seals is an essential requirement to protect and preserve the assets.

“Once the roads undergoes rehabilitation, the lifespan is increased up to as much as 20 year design life, however, this can be dependent on some major factors like overloading, adverse weather conditions and so forth.”

Mr Goes said the newly constructed sealed roads also required a follow-up second coat of tarseal within 9-12 months, as the first coat seal alone does not provide sufficient protection, particularly in these high rainfall conditions combined with heavy vehicle overloading.

“Similar to repainting your house, you do so to prevent the timber rotting; and we also do so by resealing our roads” added Mr Goes.

“Surfacing with asphalt does away with second coat sealing requirements, however, this surfacing treatment is expensive and applied in areas where high stresses such as frequent traffic turning movements merit this additional investment”.

He said some roads that are too old and damaged that cannot be resealed will need to be reconstructed to give them better strength, shape and waterproofing.

“Ideally, we need to continue to protect our assets through increased resealing while we tackle the backlog of failed roads requiring full rehabilitation.”



September 25, 2017