3 January 2017

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is appealing to motorists not park vehicles on footpaths, yellow lines and on nature strips.

This is after the FRA has witnessed a number of cars parking illegally around Suva City.

FRA General Manager Network Operations and Maintenance Aram Goes says unauthorised parking contributed to severe and unnecessary traffic congestion.

“Illegal parking contributes to traffic congestion and poses a risk to pedestrians. We have noticed that motorist’s park on footpaths and on nature strips which is not only damaging the infrastructure but is also compromising safety.”

He said the yellow lines were also there for a reason and regularly ignored by motorist causing driver frustration and delays.  Frequently the dedicated parking spaces for those with disabilities are also ignored as a result they cannot go about their daily activities.

Mr Goes has reiterated the traffic lanes are under reconstruction between the new Stinson Parade Bridge and the Suva Market, and that part of Usher Street and Harris Street is not to be used for parking.

“After the re-opening of the Stinson Parade Bridge, this section of Usher Street will be managed by the Suva City Council for controlled delivery of produce to the Suva Market.  This arrangement will still ensure Usher Street can be used as a traffic diversion in the future times to assist traffic flow should another major project affect the Suva City centre.”

Mr Goes is confident that the use of Stinson Parade Bridge will see parts of the Suva City centre traffic flow return to its original layout prior to the bridge closure and reduce journey times through that part of town.

He said the FRA is working closely with the Suva City Council to curb the issue of illegal parking and motorist that are found breaking the law will be dealt accordingly



January 2, 2018