Fra Addresses Concerns Around Bus Services Affected By Slippery Road Conditions

Bus services to the Waibau area serviced by Tacirua Transport is being affected as a result of slippery road conditions brought on by the ongoing rain currently experienced.

Tacirua Transport have informed Fiji Roads Authority that bus services to Waibau is terminating at the Waibau junction today.

In acknowledging the bus companies decision, FRA Maintenance Works Manager Dale Nicholls says “We will do what we can to improve the situation however given that it is still raining this makes it difficult to undertake permanent work.”

“Whenever there are long periods of rain we can expect issues such as this to continue to arise for some time to come. FRA maintenance contractors will continue to undertake remedial work including spreading of gravel to assist bus companies to continue services.” says Mr Nicholls


August 18, 2015