Forward Works Programme

Forward Works Programme

At Fiji Roads Authority, we have drawn up a 20 year forward works programme that looks at the lifeline of our roads and recommends the level of service each road needs and at what intervals the road surfacing renewals need to take place.

Currently, there are three treatment methods that Fiji Roads Authority contractors deploy on our roads.

Rehabilitation and Resealing are the ideal treatment methods that supports the decline in deteriorating road conditions.

It is important to note that Pothole patching though necessary is a short term treatment that returns the road network to trafficable conditions whilst the road waits its turn in the rehabilitation programme.

FRA have an annual resealing and rehabilitation programme with a number roads getting done in a given year subject to budget constraints.

However road maintenance is an ongoing activity that will never end.  Our maintenance crews will continue to maintain the road network and use one of three strategies to remedy road conditions.