Congestion Is An Unwanted Symptom Of A Thriving Economy.

Our roads are getting busier and this is visible with the increase in the number of vehicles on our roads.

Interestingly a study by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport titled “Fiji National Transport Planning Database” final report (April 2016) released states that 73 % of households in the rural areas and 85% of household in the urban areas do not own cars. This equate to around 16% of the households in Fiji own car which is quite low.


[Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MoIT) 2016 – Fiji National Transport Planning Database page 19]

This indicates traffic congestion will increase at a rapid rate as car ownership continues to rise. A similar study by the Authority in 2014, “The Greater Suva Transport Strategy” (GSTS) estimated that the Lami – Nausori corridor would experience an increase in peak hour traffic by 22% and travel times by 25%

The Authority has been engaged in various projects and studies to identify ways to reduce the congestion. These include but not limited too:

  1. Greater Suva Transport Strategy (GSTS) report that identified short, medium and long term solutions with the aim to reducing the congestion from 2015-2030. This not was confined to infrastructure solutions such as road widening but also looked at non infrastructure solution such as dedicated bus lanes, change in bus routes.
  2. Relocation of the Nausori Bus Station and Market – change in traffic management for the roads affected and design for the entry/exit points.
  3. Samabula No right Ban – Ban right turns in to Munia Street.
  4. Extension – Brown Street link to ease traffic through Extension Street

Other Corridor studies that are currently underway are:

  1. Nausori – Korovou Corridor
  2. Denarau Road
  3. Nadi – Lautoka Corridor
  4. Labasa inclusive of the Town and the proposed bypas


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