Congestion: An unwanted symptom of a thriving economy

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is working with key stakeholders to minimize disruption, specifically in the mornings when people are travelling to work and school along the busy Nausori – Suva Corridor in particular from Caqiri Road to Piling Road and Makoi Road to Omkaar Road.

FRA’s focus in particular is where road construction work is taking place and is causing delays to travellers between Nausori and Suva. Key stakeholders working with FRA include the Land Transport Authority, Fiji Police Force, our consultant MWH Global and project contractor China Railway First Group. Combined, the efforts of each stakeholder is too improve and minimise disruption due to ongoing temporary management associated with the active construction site.

As a result, the temporary traffic management layouts will now be adjusted daily for peak and off-peak hours as appropriate, this will be done as each stage of construction is progressed to completion.
“FRA appreciates the support of our stakeholders stepping up to assist and improve the traffic situation on Kings Road. In particular the assistance of the Police Force who have been managing busy intersections and assisting our traffic controllers on the ground. Travellers may have noticed that the Makoi traffic signal is not operational at the moment. The traffic signal control box was recently damaged when a road accident occurred in the area, however the lights should be operational later this month once the damaged parts are replaced. In the meantime “the Fiji Police Force will continue to assist directing traffic at the Makoi intersection during peak hours” says Zaina Khan, FRA Programme Engineer for the Nadi and Suva Road Upgrading Project.

Outside of the road widening projects, other FRA improvement projects are taking place along this busy corridor for example, the Kinoya bus stop improvement project. The length of the Kinoya bus stop has been extended and will now be able to accommodate three buses safely. This bus stop is expected to reopen at the end of the coming week.

To get a better understanding of time spent in traffic, Fiji Roads Authority is carrying out traffic surveys and journey time surveys to assess the scale of the problem faced by members of the public travelling along the Suva- Nausori corridor and we are still urging travellers to consider leaving home a little earlier and also to expect traffic building up during peak hours.

FRA and our stakeholders are working to better manage traffic with our contractor’s traffic controllers on ground.
“As ever we thank you for your patience whilst we are improving and upgrading roads. Please allow extra travel time for your journeys and reduce speeds when travelling through our sites. Driver behaviour along our construction sites has improved and has not gone unnoticed. It is great to see drivers observing and obeying the changing traffic management set ups. Well done!”

“There needs to be an understanding that as we work, we will restrict lanes and not close them, because if we did than it would greatly affect hundreds of thousands of travellers along this busy corridor. The roads have to stay operational. Likewise we need the public to understand that lane restrictions are in place to allow our crews a safe area to carry out construction work away from travellers.”

“In the context of all things considered, it serves as a great reminder that congestion is really an unwanted symptom of a thriving economy” says Ms Khan. “Fiji is thriving!”


March 12, 2015