Bailey Bridge A Feasible Alternative

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is investigating the use of Bailey Bridges as a long term solution for a number of bridge replacements.

FRA Chief Executive Officer John Hutchinson says these Bailey bridges offer a low cost, effective and robust bridging solution, that if well maintained will last for many years.

“The Vatuwaqa Bridge is a good example of a Bailey bridge that has been in place for years providing continued access to motorists.”

“This month, we installed a bailey bridge alongside the Vugalei Bridge, which sits on Kings Road.”

He said the FRA’s priority is to keep the major arterial roads, especially the Queens and Kings Roads open at all times.

“Any major repair works such as the emergency repairs to the Vugalei Bridge require a detour or diversion such as this Bailey bridge to be put in place before full works can commence.”

Mr Hutchinson said the cost of installing the temporary Vugalei Bailey Bridge and constructing the approaches and traffic diversion is approximately FJD$280,000.

He said they will be in use until FRA completes renovating the slab and beams on the existing bridge which might take a year.

“The Bailey bridge has sufficient capacity to accommodate all legal loads as currently accommodated on the Vugalei Bridge.”

Mr Hutchinson said they have a supply of Bailey bridges to provide relief on the road network when faced with challenging bridge conditions.

“FRA currently has limited stock of these Bailey bridges and we are looking to procure additional stock as it is a necessary alternative when working to keep our main roads open.”


For more information please contact the Communications Team at  or Onarina Umu on +679 9991969 and Zafiya Shamim on +679 9275960.

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September 20, 2016

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