Code of Practice for Utility Operators Access to Road Corridor


The Fiji Roads Authority signed  the Code of Practice for Utility Operators Access to Road Corridors with Telecom Fiji Limited, Water Authority of Fiji and Energy Fiji Limited


This  MOU defines mutual agreed objectives and requirements aligned with coordinated approach between the FRA and utility operators.


This code sets utility operators and other applicants to exercise their right of access to the Road Corridor for the placement, maintenance , improvement and removal of utility structures.


This MOU will also maximize the benefit to the public while ensuring that all utility operators are treated fairly.


The FRA will have regular meetings with the stakeholders to share information, discuss, and plan activities including mandatory attendance and reporting to the Project Coordination and Planning Committee.

This Document has been in existence since August 2015 and went through formal month trial application as a working document, signed by the Chief Executives of Fiji Electricity Authority(FEA), Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL), and Water Authority of  Fiji (WAF).

All parties provided written feedback during this working trial period to the Fiji Roads Authority on its effectiveness and suggested edits to make the application and use of this Code more effective for all parties have been included herein.

This document is presented for discussion and agreement at the Project Coordination and Planning Committee (PCPC).

Upon approval of the PCPC members this Code will be submitted for cabinet endorsement by Government for formal legislation.

This document was approved and signed by all entities on  Wednesday 14 March 2017.