Better Transport Infrastructure

Better Transport Infrastructure

Better transport infrastructure is essential for Fiji’s development

The success of Fiji’s development is dependent on infrastructure that is reliable enough to encourage people and businesses to invest in the future.  Reliability means that the service being delivered by the infrastructure is consistently available without interruption. Infrastructure standards are largely driven by the need for reliability.

The core element of this infrastructure is the road network. It provides the means for the movement of people and goods between businesses and local and international markets. Roads enable people to get to jobs, education and health facilities. Without reliable transport these vital connections will remain fragile and Fiji’s development will be constrained.

This road network is the probably the most valuable built asset Fiji owns. Years of investment and effort have gone into building up over 7,000 kms of roads and 1,200 bridges and jetties. If this massive infrastructure system is going to serve Fiji’s future development needs, then two things have to be done:

  • improve the safety and reliability of the existing network; and
  • expand the network to provide the capacity for sustained growth.