The Road Network

The Road Network

FRA is responsible for Fiji’s most valuable built asset

The FRA’s ‘assets’ are all of Fiji’s roads, bridges and jetties. This includes the land on which our assets are located, together with all the associated infrastructure such as drainage, street lighting, traffic signals and other street furniture. We also consider our buildings, vehicles and other operational equipment as part of our asset portfolio. They are all managed and maintained using the same principles.

On our latest estimate these assets are worth nearly $11 billion making the road network Fiji’s most valuable built asset. The geographic extent of the FRA’s assets are illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – FRA assets include roads, bridges and jetties on all of Fiji’s islands

Figure 1 - FRA assets include roads, bridges and jetties on all of Fiji’s islands

To make the network more manageable, it has been divided into three sections consistent with the administrative Divisions of Fiji. Table 1 shows the length of the sealed and unsealed roads in each Division.

In 2015 FRA undertook a comprehensive survey of all of The Authority’s assets. The information collected has been incorporated in the FRA’s Asset Management System. It will be used to provide more effective forward works planning and to provide an updated valuation of the assets.

The survey revealed that there were some 3,500kms less roads than had been previously included in the Asset Management Plan. The reason for the reduction in road lengths is attributed to the following factors:

  • The original 11,000 km length in 2012 was an over-estimate; only the DNR portion (4,200 km) was ever measured accurately, with the remaining lengths being estimates.
  • The length of cane access road originally provided to FRA was significantly over estimated. (The FSC is conducting their own inventory of these roads, and have measured 55% of length compared with what was originally supplied.)
  • The field data collection carried out by FRA involved a drive over of the entire network. During this exercise, it was discovered that a significant number of cane access roads did not meet the criteria of an FRA road as they only served a single property or were providing seasonal access to cane fields. These roads were not included in the FRA inventory.

Table 1 – FRA’s Assets

Division Roads (Kms) Bridges Jetties
Sealed Unsealed Total
Central-Eastern Division 675 1681 2356 427 30
Western Division 677 2,406 3,083 440 4
Northern Division 356 1,730 2,086 384 13
TOTAL COUNTRY 1,707 5,818 7,525 1,251 47