Having a well maintained roading network that enables people to travel to their destinations safely, efficiently and comfortably is fundamental to Fiji’s economy.

At the Fiji Roads Authority, we are all about “ Better Roads, Better Access & Better Business” Our greatest journey is the one that we share with Fijians on the network daily.

Matokana Village Access Road on Track for Opening in December

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore visited the ongoing road construction site in Matokana.

The Rural Road project is on track for opening in December 2018, weather permitting and now well over half way through the programme.

“It is good to see the 14km of the Matokana Village Access Road work well underway. Previously, there was no road, and just mountainous terrains and forests, however, we have now seen vehicles going through to Matokana. We also saw a Health Ministry vehicle providing medical services to the children of Matokana.”

Mr Moore reaffirmed his commitment to provide access to the isolated communities and deliver the infrastructure needed to improve livelihoods for all Fijians.

*Matokana Village is in the mountainous range of Nadroga / Navosa region. The project site commences at Stage 1 at Nawairabe Village junctions and ends at Matokana Village.

FRA Completes Three Bridges in Levuka Benefiting Close To 9000 People

Fiji Roads Authority’s (FRA) Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore is pleased to inform that the Vuma Box, Naisogo and Levuka Market Bridges on Ovalau Circular Road are now complete and open to public.

“The concrete bridge structure has now replaced the previous Vuma Box and Naisogo Bridge, which will improve access and bring great relief to the community, especially to school children and farmers,” Mr Moore said.

He said the Vuma and Naisogo Bridges have been transformed from a single-lane bridge to a standard structure with increased structural capacity. The bridges support a single-lane traffic as well as a pedestrian footpath with safety barriers both for vehicles and the public.

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